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Dedicated links: high bandwidth alternatives to fiber for internet/intranet with our strongest guarantees

Nothing can compete with a dedicated point-to-point connection. With PremiumNet, you have an uncontested entry point to our network for extremely fast, reliable gigabit internet, even outside our normal coverage area.




High-Speed Internet


24/7 Support


Fast Setup

Whole Home WiFi by AirNet

With AirNet, you can rest easy knowing that your whole home will be covered by our fast, reliable, enterprise-grade WiFi equipment. And if you ever have problems with your WiFi, call or text us 24/7, knowing we'll never blame your equipment.

AirNet is an optional addon with all internet services.

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High Speed Internet

Benefit from a highly redundant network that has stood the test of time with 27 years of service. Our network is designed for continuous use so we don't throttle you regardless of how much data you use.

Fast Setup

Don't wait weeks to get connected! Order today and you could be up and running in as little as 24 hours.


No Fiber? No Problem

All our services use the latest microwave technology so you can get the internet you deserve even if you don't have fiber.

Customer Service by Verified Humans

No recorded messages, no "tell me why you're calling today" and no overseas call centers. Just call, text or email us 24/7 and speak to a verified human in one of our Las Vegas offices.

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